About Dick

My baseball roots run from my father, who was a high school classmate of New York Giants Hall of Famer Mel Ott in Gretna, Louisiana.  We lived in New Jersey for my first 12 years, so would periodically go to Giants games at the Polo Grounds.

We moved to Southern California six years ahead of major league baseball heading west.  To keep up, I subscribed to The Sporting News and listened to Saturday afternoon games on the old Liberty network.  I played a little right field in youth leagues along the way, but wasn’t good enough even for high school ball.

I was thrilled when the Giants and Dodgers moved to California while I was in college; I was majoring in journalism with the intent of being a sportswriter.  By spring 1962, I was in San Francisco working for The Associated Press and covering Giants games at Candlestick Park.

Life and jobs moved on, ultimately taking me to Washington DC in 1966, where I’ve been ever since, variously as a journalist, Congressional staffer, lawyer, government staffer, and currently a manager for a government contractor.

Dick and Gehrig

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