Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles – Visit #9

Monday, May 16 – Angels 7, Dodgers 6. Although I spent my teen-age years in Southern California, I had never been to Dodger Stadium.  I saw the Dodger play at Memorial Coliseum in the early years, but never at Dodger Stadium.  Not sure why, but it just never happened, perhaps because I was a Giants fan.

Exterior gold glove.jpgAccess: Dodger Stadium has much on-site parking—good thing, as there’s not another convenient way to get there other than a taxi or ride service.

Seats/pricing: My daughter-in-law, Barb, arranged tickets for this family outing also including son Dev and grandkids Jordan 3, and Emily, 4 months.  Seats were on the lower level just outside third base, providing a good view past center field.

View: The mountains north of Los Angeles form the famous visual backdrop behind center field at Dodger Stadium, much like a similar view from the Rose Bowl in nearby Pasadena.

Food: Vin Scully has talked so much about Dodgers Dogs over the years that I felt compelled to get one, notwithstanding the other many food choices.  It’s long and thin, and, well, it’s a hot dog.  It was better than the Fenway Frank, but I think I’m done trying ball park hot dogs on this project no matter how enthusiastically they’re marketed.

Beer: Draft at $13.50 for premium and $11.50 for domestic; bottles/cans at $15.00 for premium, $13.50 for domestic.  But the sizes were large, not standard.

Crowd: 39,583.  Even for the start of this four-game home-and-home Freeway Series between the local area teams, the crowd was late-arriving.  There was plenty of enthusiasm for both teams, and the Angels’ lead likely helped their fans compete on the imaginary decibel meter.

Crowd comes late

Lots of fans came late.


Men’s Rooms: Clean, with paper towels.


Neighborhood: There isn’t any close at hand.

Arts and visuals: The most striking element is a giant Gold Glove with a plaque naming Dodger winners of the fielding honor.  I tend to think “We’re Number 1” foam fingers are kind of cheesy, but there’s a giant version (not foam) outside the stadium entrance that is a popular photo spot.  Inside, an art gallery sells sports art that ranges as high as $25,000.

Baseball Moment: Lots of Angels offense from Mike Trout and Albert Pujols plus two home runs from Dodger youngster Trayce Thompson helped keep the game exciting, but it was negatively memorable for lasting four hours even, agonizingly long for a nine-inning game that was not all that high scoring.  Nine walks and often-slow work by 11 pitchers contributed.  The game included the seldom-seen out call of a runner (Pujols) for leaving third base early on a would-be sacrifice fly.  But then the call disappeared, reversed upon review.

Dispute at second

Dispute at second.



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