Citi Field, New York City – Visit #4


Saturday, April 30 – Mets 6, Giants 5.

A spectacularly sunny day, a record crowd, a ticket surprise, and a highly competitive game made my second trip to New York in two weeks great fun.

Field and pre-game crowd

Access: About 45 minutes from Times Square on the 7 local to the Mets/Willits Point station adjacent to Citi Field.  A post-game express was a bit quicker on the return, and a train was available to walk onto without a wait on the platform.  Fare each way, $2.75.  Best to spend an additional $1 for a Metro fare card and avoid the post-game ticket machine line.  (I learned from my visit two weeks earlier to Yankee Stadium.)

Seats/pricing: Caught a break here.  Despite arriving nearly three hours before game time, the only remaining tickets were for standing room.  No bargains on Stub Hub.  But a man walked up and asked if I wanted a ticket at no charge in exchange for giving him the day’s giveaway, a Noah Sindergaard garden gnome.  Deal.  The seat had a face price of $13.00 and was in the fourth row of the upper deck down the right field line.

DeGrom v PoseyJacob deGrom versus Buster Posey

View: As previously noted, I like a high sightline.  My seat view was from roughly halfway between first base and the right field fair pole.  There’s not a lot to see outside the stadium other than a distant view of the logo structure from the 1964 World’s Fair.

Food: The guy who provided my ticket recommended Mama’s of Corona, located in the World’s Fare Market off an eating patio down the right field concourse.  The $12.75 roast turkey and mozzarella hero with mushrooms and sweet peppers was so huge I ate half of it at the game and the other half on the Amtrak back to Washington.  But I did find room for the $4.00 chocolate-covered cannoli with a Sicilian-style hard crust.


Beer: $9.50 draft, variety of $10.00 choices ranging from Goose Island IPA and Brooklyn Summer Ale to a couple of Sam Adams varieties plus Henry’s Hard Orange Soda and Angry Orchard Hard Cider.  $12.00 oversize cans of Bud, Coors, Miller, and Genesee.

Crowd:  44,466.  Largest regular season crowd in Citi Field history, more than 2,500 above seating capacity.  Very vocal, and with their team on a week-long winning streak, cynicism was absent.

Men’s Rooms: Clean, modern fixtures.  Air dryers, no paper towels.

Neighborhood: No street scene.  Good amount of parking on the grounds results in some tailgating.

Arts and visuals: Most interesting is the Mets Hall of Fame located next to the team store on the main concourse.  It’s a combination of plaques honoring on-field and off-field personalities who were key in the history of the Mets that now spans more than half a century.

Mets Hall of Fame

Baseball Moment: Michael Conforto’s three hits and three RBI, including a home run, excited the crowd early.  The climactic moment was Curtis Granderson’s running overhead grab of Hunter Pence’s shot to the right field wall with two on and the Giants two runs down in the 8th that turned a game-tying double into a sac fly.

Conforto on scoreboard

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