A 2016 Season Trip to All 30 MLB Parks

I’m traveling to games at all 30 major league parks this summer.  You’re invited to join vicariously via this website and blog.

My name is Dick Barnes.  I’m an older guy, so this won’t be one of those 30 parks in 30 days endurance contests.  I’ll travel mostly in bites of three or four games at a time, presently scheduled from mid-April to the Labor Day weekend.  I’ll drive to some locations from my home in Washington, DC, and use planes, trains and rented automobiles for the rest.

Some of the parks will be repeat stops from previous years, but most will be first-time visits for me.  I’ve also visited some parks that formerly hosted major league games; I’ll recall some of those memories here as well.

As I complete each stop, I’ll post some comparative comments/grades on each park:  food, beverages, views, immediate neighborhoods, etc.  If you have a characteristic you’d like to see compared, let me know.  The email is dick@barnesstormingbaseball.com.


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